Here is a list of articles and books that will be useful if you are building a Swordfish. Some have been out of print for some time, but eBay and Amazon can be very useful in tracking down old publications.



Swordfish Aeroguide Classics Number 4. ISBN 0-946958-29-7 Card cover with a lot of black and white photos mostly of LS326, taken with the modeller in mind. Plenty of close-up detail shots of the airframe, cockpit, internal structure, engine and other areas. Some historical pictures and notes, and 3 pages of colour scheme illustrations. 32 pages.


Swordfish Special by W A Harrison, ISBN 155068-052-8, published by Ian Allan. Excellent selection of black and white photos of Swordfish operations, crews, airframe construction. Very useful full-page picture of a Pegasus engine, and plenty of historical background telling how the Swordfish was designed, built and flown. 80 pages, hardback.


Fairey Swordfish in Action published by Squadron/Signal Publications. ISBN 0-89747-421-X Card covers, 47 pages of black and white pictures showing the history and development of the Swordfish, including crews, ships, special markings and weapons. Some excellent colour profiles on the centre pages, plus colur illustrations on the card covers. Some scale plans and sketches are also scattered through the book.

Swordfish At War

swordfish_at war

How to Build... Tamiya’s Fairey Swordfish by Geoff Coughlin, pulbished by ADH Publishing, While focused on the smaller Tamiya model kit, this book has lots of excellent colour images of several modern restored aircraft, and the pictures have been taken by a modeller, for modellers. Also, plenty of modelling and painting advice, masking tips and so on. My copy has been printed very ‘dark’, so it might be worth checking before you buy it, but otherwise a very useful book.

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