Trumpeter have provided a very good selection of ordnance for their Mk II Swordfish, the torpedo, flares and sea markers being nicely done. The bombs however are not very accurate in shape, so I have modelled several types of bomb and depth charge to give me a broader selection. I used the 3D CAD software Rhinoceros ( to design the shapes, and then had the models built on a 3D printer. This is quite an expensive process, but allows extremely fine detail, as well as accurate profiles. 


These are the initial designs for a 250 lb Mk VIII Depth Charge, 120 lb AS bombs, one with the anti-skip nose, a 250 lb SAP bomb, 250 lb MC bomb, a then 250 lb GP and 120 lb GP bombs.


As an experiment, I also modelled some Rocket Projectile fins, warheads and suspension clips and these were 3D printed as well. Combined with some 12 SWG stainless steel tube cut to length (44 mm), these parts made up into complete rockets.

There are some other items of ordnance I would like to model in the future, and I will need some stencilled markings and coloured stripes to finish them off.