The Trumpeter is a very impressive kit which can be built into a good looking model straight from the box. However, due to some simplifications and limitations of the moulding process, and some over emphasis of some features, there are a number of improvements I want to make to my model. To my eye, the rib and rib tape detailing is overdone, something that seems to be a feature of every injection moulded Swordfish kit that was ever made! I am going to scrape away the bulk of these ribs, fill and smooth the wings and then replace the rib tape and stitching details with something more in proportion.

First job is to scrape away the moulded ribs. This is done with a standard Swann Morton scalpel with a number 10 curved blade, held at 90 degrees to the surface and drawn along the offending rib. This removes a sliver of plastic at a time, very easy to control, and leaves a good finish . This use will take the edge off very quickly though, so be prepared to swap out the blade for a fresh one as soon as it starts to drag rather than cut!